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ernst | Svar 11.03.2018 20.02

Wonderful wonderful wonderful

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I dag | 12:04

Hi again,
1960 -1969 was incorrect. Thank you! SV, not S3, was produced till 1968, when Spotmatic SL took over as economy-model. Sources differs.

I dag | 11:45

Year of introduction and y.o. production often differs. S3 was intr. 1960 and prod. from '61 till 63, when SV prod. started. (Intr. in '62.) Thank you!

I dag | 04:42

Love this page. Can you confirm production years of the S3-H3? You have 60-69 but I have seen 4/61 to 62 in the Asahi Optical Historical Club.

08.04 | 13:30

Thank you! You are right, and I have corrected the chapter of Rolleiflex.
However, the first Voigtländer VSL-1, under Rollei control, had M42 mount.

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