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Skrevet av, 11. aug, 2018
Hi thanks for letting ask some questions can you tell what year the camera is and directions on it with serial number ?
Skrevet av Melina, 20. jul, 2018
A man can succeed at almost anything for which he has unlimited enthusiasm.
Skrevet av Kaia, 29. jun, 2018
Life is like a game of cards. The hand you are dealt is determinism; the way you play it is free will.
Skrevet av Ernst, 11. mar, 2018
Hi Bosse,-just come home to open + register on your website. My god,- is it simply phantastic to see all those wonderful cameras you have collected over all these years! I have a LOT of questions,- but not today...
Skrevet av Joey Back, 27. jan, 2018
Great website! Thanks for the info.
Skrevet av, 17. jan, 2018
I have a Asahi Pentax SB with original 55 2.2 lens and case. I do not collect so would like to sell it. I can't find the best way to sell. Do you have any thoughts?
Thank You
Skrevet av Vina Jones, 16. sep, 2017
I love the pictures you share, and very beautiful web design.
Skrevet av Frank, 23. jan, 2017
Very good information about
Asahi Pentax cameras.
I enjoy it.
Thanks very much
Skrevet av Dale, 9. okt, 2016
Veldig fin hjemmeside med mye nyttig info.
Skrevet av Daisy, 26. sep, 2016
Hyggelig webside. Flott arbeid.
Skrevet av Mike Beasley, 31. jan, 2016
Copngratulations. This is an outstanding site I am impressed with the analytical approach, openly identifying and differentiating source, fact and opinion. Too many "experts" express opinions as if they were facts. You have caused me to re visit, research and reclassify my own collection. Thank you
Skrevet av @perthling, 14. feb, 2015
Awsome. What a gold mine of information
Skrevet av Michael Lehman, 27. des, 2013
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Skrevet av Baard-Einar, 5. mai, 2013
Flott samling med historiske modeller, særlig imponert over alt du har klart å samle av Pentax.
Håper du også får tatt noen av de ut for å lufte seg!
Skrevet av Ivar Johannessen, 11. feb, 2013
Hei! flott side. Jeg oppbevarer selv en stor samling kameraer fra tidlig 1900 til i dag. Det var meget interesant å se de fotoapparatene du har lagt ut og historien bak modellene.

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02.11 | 22:18

Interesting website, nice to read about the pentax camera history and others.

19.10 | 14:13

You are quite right. The vignetting disappears at 22, so it is usable from there on, but the maximum never exceeds 45. Thank you!
I will correct it. Bosse

19.10 | 14:03

Hi Eric,
I don't understand your phrase: "Recommended as a 22-60 wide angel on K-1, and as 16-45 on K-3 II." The focal length range remains the same.

29.07 | 21:20

Thanks for the comment.But the page actually states that the FT-1 was following the FS-1, worlds first camera with a built-in motor.(Under the last photo.)