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2022-07-25: has reaced 1 million visits!
2022-01-13: Added info on Praktica B-series: Praktica: 1950-2001
2021-12-25: New page introduced: Pentax K-mount:
2021-12-23: Added list of K-mount lens brands: Pentax K-1 FF: (Bottom of page)
2021-12-20: Added info on Zeiss/Contax/ Yashica/Kyocera: Zeiss Ikon: 1953-'72
2021-11-05: Added info on FF lenses: Pentax K-1 FF:
2020-12-02: Added info on Wrayflex: Wrayflex: 1959-1961 and The RARE ones:
2020-10-24: Information on late Asahiflex added: Asahiflex 1952-1957:
2020-10-10: Opening netshop for donations and camera sale: Donations Cameras (Unfunctional)
2020-09-30: Presenting latest news on Olympus/JIP: Olympus: 1972-2013
2020-09-24: Some corrections made to Zenit S: Zenit: 1952-2005
2020-09-21: Opening Lost Brands 2010-2020: Lost brands: 10's
2020-09-20: Opening a Sigma page under Lost Brands: Sigma: 1976-2016
2020-09-19: Opening an Olympus page under Lost Brands: Olympus: 1972-2013
2020-07-28: Important information concerning Rectaflex A.1000 added: Rectaflex: 1948-1955
2020-07-02: The Contax E presented: Contax S: 1949-1962
2020-06-16: A missing link in my Contax S collection is soon on its way.. 
2020-05-26: Introducing 3 new lenses and the new APS-C K camera: Pentax
2020-05-06: Some improvements on Zenit page: Zenit: 1952-2005
2020-05-05: Information added to Exakta/Exa: Exakta: 1950-1973
2020-05-04: More information added to Zeiss Ikon: Zeiss Ikon: 1953-'72
2020-05-03: More information on Yashica: Yashica: 1960-1994
2020-05-03: Some details changed on Savoyflex: 
Savoyflex: 1958-1963
2020-05-03: End of Retina production changed to 1967:Retina: 1957-1967
2020-03-13: More information on Praktica MTL 5B/MTL 50.Praktica: 1950-2001
2019-12-10: Minor updates on Wrayflex. Wrayflex: 1959-1961
2019-11-27: Asahi Optical Company 100 year!
2019-08-10: Some improvements on: DA- lenses on K-1
2019-07-18: More info on Zunow production numbers.Zunow: 1958-1959
2019-06-06: More details on Rectaflex Gold-series. Rectaflex: 1948-1955
2019-April/May : Some minor improvements and corrections made to different pages.
2018-09-01: A Pentacon F presented. Contax S: 1949-1962
2018-08-30: The latest Pentax FF, K1 II, presented. Pentax K-1 FF: 2016-
2018-06-03: A Rectaflex sn."5905" commented.Rectaflex: 1948-1955 (see1950:5122)
2018-06-03: A Wray 40 mm screw lens 90/2,5 soon on its way.
2018-06-01: Some internal Rectaflex production papers received. To be presented.
2017-11-22: A rare Wrayflex II presented: PP SLR 1955-1959   Wrayflex: 1959-1961
2017-11-03: A rare camera on its way.
2017-10-25: Added some information on Rectaflex tele lenses. Rectaflex: 1948-1955
2017-09-14: Still more added to the K2 DMD story. Pentax K 1975-1997
2017-09-08: More information on Pentax KX, K 1000 and K2 DMD: Pentax K 1975-1997
2017-05-28: Serial number on Alpa Prisma Reflex corrected. PP SLR: 1948-1954
2017-04-29; A Zunow of 1959 presented: PP SLR 1955-1959  Zunow: 1958-1959
2017-04-21: More on Pentaflex prism system: PP SLR 1955-1959 Tokiwa: 1955-1965
2017-03-18: A very rare item on its way..
2017-03-17: System error - All information on upgrades since 2011 has disappeared from this page!
2011-2018: Continous building of collection. 
2013-01-22: Site opened.
2012 and beginning of 2013: Building this site.
2011-06-17: Start of collection by purchasing 7 elder Pentaxes from collector at Auli, Norway.


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OK Sender...

Herbert | Svar 16.09.2017 18.21

Hi . i think it is pentor. From japaneesecthird Party Lena Maler ... Sold with praktica cams in w.Europe

Bosse 16.09.2017 18.53

Yes, there were lenses branded Pentor, probably Cosinas. Pentax cameras were branded Pentar in some markets. Lenses were always branded Takumar, until 1975.

Herbert | Svar 16.09.2017 13.50

Hi .. Thank you for that great site. Here found finally some information PENTAR .. But found nothing Internet about PENTAR 135 mm 2.8 mit 12 Blades . do you ?

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09.08 | 11:58

I do not know that model code. Please check for model name.

08.08 | 22:58

Hi I have a Konica Minolta code 3739740 please advise if there are film strips available for this camera? I'd appreciate the help. Thank you

08.06 | 13:04

Hi Frank,
Lucky you. Only some 4 900 copies were made of the S-series. Yours is among the lowest SN. They probably started at a low 155 xxx.

07.06 | 21:46

Going through a box and found a Black S, SN:1559##, only issue seems to be with the shutter. other wise the camera is is great shape.

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