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2020-12-02: Added info on Wrayflex: Wrayflex: 1959-1961 and The RARE ones:
2020-10-24: Information on late Asahiflex added: Asahiflex 1952-1957:
2020-10-10: Opening netshop for donations and camera sale: Donations Cameras 
2020-09-30: Presenting latest news on Olympus/JIP: Olympus: 1972-2013
2020-09-24: Some corrections made to Zenit S: Zenit: 1952-2005
2020-09-21: Opening Lost Brands 2010-2020: Lost brands: 10's
2020-09-20: Opening a Sigma page under Lost Brands: Sigma: 1976-2016
2020-09-19: Opening an Olympus page under Lost Brands: Olympus: 1972-2013
2020-07-28: Important information concerning Rectaflex A.1000 added: Rectaflex: 1948-1955
2020-07-02: The Contax E presented: Contax S: 1949-1962
2020-06-16: A missing link in my Contax S collection is soon on its way.. 
2020-05-26: Introducing 3 new lenses and the new APS-C K camera: Pentax
2020-05-06: Some improvements on Zenit page: Zenit: 1952-2005
2020-05-05: Information added to Exakta/Exa: Exakta: 1950-1973
2020-05-04: More information added to Zeiss Ikon: Zeiss Ikon: 1953-'72
2020-05-03: More information on Yashica: Yashica: 1960-1994
2020-05-03: Some details changed on Savoyflex: 
Savoyflex: 1958-1963
2020-05-03: End of Retina production changed to 1967:Retina: 1957-1967
2020-03-13: More information on Praktica MTL 5B/MTL 50.Praktica: 1950-2001
2019-12-10: Minor updates on Wrayflex. Wrayflex: 1959-1961
2019-11-27: Asahi Optical Company 100 year!
2019-08-10: Some improvements on: DA- lenses on K-1
2019-07-18: More info on Zunow production numbers.Zunow: 1958-1959
2019-06-06: More details on Rectaflex Gold-series. Rectaflex: 1948-1955
2019-April/May : Some minor improvements and corrections made to different pages.
2018-09-01: A Pentacon F presented. Contax S: 1949-1962
2018-08-30: The latest Pentax FF, K1 II, presented. Pentax K-1 FF: 2016-
2018-06-03: A Rectaflex sn."5905" commented.Rectaflex: 1948-1955 (see1950:5122)
2018-06-03: A Wray 40 mm screw lens 90/2,5 soon on its way.
2018-06-01: Some internal Rectaflex production papers received. To be presented.
2017-11-22: A rare Wrayflex II presented: PP SLR 1955-1959   Wrayflex: 1959-1961
2017-11-03: A rare camera on its way.
2017-10-25: Added some information on Rectaflex tele lenses. Rectaflex: 1948-1955
2017-09-14: Still more added to the K2 DMD story. Pentax K 1975-1997
2017-09-08: More information on Pentax KX, K 1000 and K2 DMD: Pentax K 1975-1997
2017-05-28: Serial number on Alpa Prisma Reflex corrected. PP SLR: 1948-1954
2017-04-29; A Zunow of 1959 presented: PP SLR 1955-1959  Zunow: 1958-1959
2017-04-21: More on Pentaflex prism system: PP SLR 1955-1959 Tokiwa: 1955-1965
2017-03-18: A very rare item on its way..
2017-03-17: System error - All information on upgrades since 2011 has disappeared from this page!
2011-2018: Continous building of collection. 
2013-01-22: Site opened.
2012 and beginning of 2013: Building this site.
2011-06-17: Start of collection by purchasing 7 elder Pentaxes from collector at Auli, Norway.


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OK Sender...

Herbert | Svar 16.09.2017 18:21

Hi . i think it is pentor. From japaneesecthird Party Lena Maler ... Sold with praktica cams in w.Europe

Bosse 16.09.2017 18:53

Yes, there were lenses branded Pentor, probably Cosinas. Pentax cameras were branded Pentar in some markets. Lenses were always branded Takumar, until 1975.

Herbert | Svar 16.09.2017 13:50

Hi .. Thank you for that great site. Here found finally some information PENTAR .. But found nothing Internet about PENTAR 135 mm 2.8 mit 12 Blades . do you ?

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29.09 | 19:44

Sorry, I misread your question, and my answer was about the Pentax K. The number of Pentar K was very, very low. Yes, 269$ seems a very low price.

29.09 | 10:10

Sorry, I misread your question, and my answer was about the Pentax K. The number of Pentar K was very, very low. Yes, 269$ seems a very low price.

28.09 | 15:31

Hi Bosse,

A near mint Asahi Pentar (yes Pentar) sold last month on ebay for £269. Were you aware of this? It seems like a very low price.

10.08 | 18:42

Hi Richard,
21.454 K models were produced between '58 and '59. But Pentax used the letter K for many other models, too. K-series in '75 and digital since 2006.

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