1957: Takumar

The first series of Takumar lenses, made for the Asahi Pentax (AP) was named just Takumar. They were preset lenses, which means one has to first choose the correct aperture settings, then turn the second aperture ring to the smallest number (full opening) to obtain maximum light for focusing, and finally turn the the same ring back till it stops at the preset aperture value before releasing the shutter. It may seem more complicated than it really is. The preset Takumars followed the AP and the S model until the next generation, the Auto-Takumars, came with the Asahi Pentax K in 1958. In spite of this, preset Takumar lenses were to be produced for many years to come.

1957: Takumar 35/4:

The Takumar 35/4 was the first japanese wide angel lens for SLR cameras. Due to the mirror construction, most producers did not find the room for a wide angle lens, as it demanded more space within the camera. Asahi/Takumar was the first producer to solve this. Note: rangefinder cameras had wide angle lenses for many years already, since there was no mirror to to block the somewhat deeper construction demanded to make a wide angle lens. Sn: 214601.
Filter size 46, weight 135 grams. Aperture 4 to 22. Note that there was only one aperture ring, not the usual double ring for preset and opening.

1957: Takumar 55/2,2:

The most common standard lens to follow the first Asahi Pentax cameras was the 55/2,2. Here one of my four of the kind, the sn.146421 (AP). The others being: 142996 (AP), 145135 (AP), 146567 (AP), 161501 (S).
Filter size 46, 155 grams. Aperture 2,2 to 22.

1957: Takumar 58/2:

The rarest of the three normal lenses to follow the AP: The Takumar 58/2. 6 elements, 4 groups. 46 mm filter. Sn. 150277.
f 2-22. Height: 31 mm compressed, 39 mm extracted. Weight: 160 grams.

1957: Takumar 58/2,4:

Another of the first M 42 lenses, the 58/2,4. Sn: 154707.
Filter size 46, 155 grams. Aperture 2,4 to 22.

1964: Macro-Takumar 50/4:

This Macro-Takumar was a late preset one, produced first in 1964.
This first Macro-Takumar weighed 265 grams. Filterdiameter 49. Shown compressed.
Fully extended.

1958: Takumar 105/2,8:

The 105/2,8 portrait tele. Sn: 173230.
Filterdiameter 46. Weight: 250 grams.

1957: Takumar 135/3,5:

From 1957, the 135/3,5. Sn: 483683. Also in the collection, the sn. 358997.
Filter size 46, 300 grams. Aperture 3,5 to 22.

1958: Takumar 200/3,5:

This amazing lens was introduced in 1958, although this copy is produced some years later. Sn: 1434451.
Filter size 67, 750 grams without collar. Aperture 3,5 to 22.

1962 (1958): Tele-Takumar 200/5,6:

The Tele-Takumar 200/5,6 was released in 1962, but identical to the Takumar version from 1958. Sn: 1887516.
Filterdiameter 49. Weight 370 grams. Aperture 5,6 to 22.

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Bosse | Svar 14.04.2017 13.04

Thank you, Baard-Einar!

Jon | Svar 04.04.2017 21.56

Can you advise a good source for information on the variations in M42 extension tubes made by Pentax?

Baard-Einar 13.04.2017 19.05


Have a look here for info. https://www.pentaxforums.com/accessoryreviews/Bellows-Extension-Tubes-Etc-Genuine-Pentax-c102.html

Both K and m42 are mentioned

Bosse 10.04.2017 20.50

Sorry, but no. I would have suggested Pentax Forum, but they have a review on the Auto set for K-mount, only. Anyone out there who can help?

Bosse | Svar 25.10.2014 23.32

Oh yes, there are still several lenses missing in my collection. I have been working on Rectaflex lately, but still trying to keep an eye on old Pentax goodies!

FSP | Svar 24.10.2014 23.50

The rarest of all : theTakumar 85mm F1.9 and the 1957 55mm 1.8..still looking forward them since 3 years without success;)

FSP | Svar 24.10.2014 23.46

Dear Bosse good news ,i'd just got a beautilful 1957 Takumar 55mm F2.2 and a 1957 105mm F2.8. Two lenses aremissing in your collection (and mine!) it seems:

FSP | Svar 30.07.2014 22.58

Just shared on my professional FB ;) :

FSP | Svar 30.07.2014 17.10

Hi Boss,
Just back from the US where i found two new 35mm f4 boxed and ..A brand new 58mm f2,4!! So happy

Bosse 30.07.2014 17.36

Wow! Congratulations!

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The Spotmatic II was produced from 72 till 76. Spotmatic F from 1973 had s.n. 46xxxxx. Sn 51xxxxx may date to 74-75. No Pentax sn lists are available.

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